Why I Let My Six-Year-Old Watch The News

In this new Trump era (shudder), one of the biggest decisions most of us parents have to make is whether to shelter our kids from the horror of the daily news, or not. This is something I struggle with everyday when it comes to my six-year-old daughter. On one hand, I want her to know what is happening in this country and around the world, because I want to raise an informed and aware child who will grow into an informed and aware adult. On the other hand, I don’t want my daughter to walk around anxious and afraid all the time. Therein lies the struggle, the push-pull between wanting to educate and wanting to shelter.

Here’s two reasons why I’ve made the decision to allow my daughter to watch the news, and one reason why I still limit her exposure.

1. I want her to know. I’m trying to raise a strong, independent, educated, compassionate human, and I want her to know that there are things worth fighting for. I want her to recognize injustice and speak out against it wherever she sees …

Five Ways I Know I’m Raising A “Woke” Child

There are so many differences between my own childhood and the one my six-year-old daughter is currently experiencing, but what stands out the most for me is just how “woke” or socially conscious she is compared to how I was at her age. Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, especially with my religious and conservative parents, topics like politics, social justice, feminism, diversity, prejudice, white privilege, civil rights, homosexuality, and gender equality were rarely discussed in our house, and they definitely weren’t discussed at school, where we were taught that Columbus was a great man who discovered America, that girls should behave like “ladies,” and that if a boy chases or hits you, it means he likes you. My daughter is so much more woke than I was at her age (hell, she’s more woke than I was ten years ago), and I can see it shining through in the following ways:

1. She recognizes injustice and speaks out against it. If my daughter sees someone being treated unfairly - for examp…

When Our Kids Inherit Our Own Insecurities: My Daughter Hates Her Curly Hair

I was getting my daughter Bina ready for preschool the other morning, when she burst into tears. “I don’t like my hair,” she said. “I want it to be straight like Ava’s!” Ava, my boyfriend’s seven-year-old daughter, has enviably straight and thick hair, the kind any woman would love to have. Any woman, including my four-year-old.

“Your hair is beautiful!” I responded in what I hoped was a natural voice. “I love your curls!” But my daughter, who already has a no-bullshit stance on life, was not having it that day.

“Well I don’t like them!” she responded. “When can I make my hair straight?” I looked at her, with her hopeful eyes, and sighed.

“You can make your hair straight when you’re older, in a few years,” I said, hoping that answer would suffice as I put a bow in her hair. And for that morning, it did.

This wasn’t the first time we’d had this conversation. The topic comes up regularly, usually in the mornings when I am doing her hair for school. Without warning, she’ll start cryi…

Attack of the Judgy Moms: Five Things Moms Get Judged On by Other Moms Every Day

If you’re a parent with an Internet connection, you’ve probably read the recent story about David Beckham and his four-year-old daughter’s pacifier. Earlier this month, Beckham was photographed out with his little girl, who had a pacifier in her mouth at the time. The UK’s Daily Mail then published a story in which “experts” criticized him for this parenting decision, saying that she may end up with “speech or dental issues” as a result of the pacifier use. They added that as a celebrity he is a role model, and people seeing the pictures will think that this is normal behavior when it’s not.

In a real-life move that I applaud wholeheartedly, Beckham took to Instagram to respond, defending himself and slamming the paper with the following statement:

“Why do people feel they have the right to criticize a parent about their own children without having any facts?? Everybody who has children knows that when they aren’t feeling well or have a fever you do what comforts them best and most o…

5 Ways to Stay Zen at the Playground: My new piece for!

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Yoga Hacks for Moms: Check Out My New Piece for MyYogaWorks on YOGAANONYMOUS.COM!

Hey ladies!

The piece I wrote for MyYogaWorks is now up on YOGAANONYMOUS.COM! Yoga Hacks for Moms!

Please feel free to share with all your stressed-out mama friends. Namaste!

50 Reasons Why My Child Won’t Go To Sleep Tonight

One of the most amusing and amazing things about watching my four-year-old daughter grow is witnessing her become better and better at making excuses. And when it comes to making excuses, bedtime is her specialty. If tonight is like most other nights in my mom-life, bedtime will be a struggle. Here’s 50 reasons why my child won’t go to sleep tonight:

1. It’s too hot.
2. It’s too cold.
3. She needs water.
4. She needs more water.
5. It’s too dark in her room.
6. The nightlight is too bright.
7. The door is closed too much.
8. The tv is too loud because I opened the door a little more.
9. She doesn’t have enough blankets.
10. She has too many blankets.
11. Her blanket is facing the wrong way and she can’t see Rainbow Dash.
12. She wants to read another book.
13. She needs a snack.
14. She thinks she forgot to eat her vitamin.
15. Her tummy hurts.
16. Her foot hurts.
17. Her ear hurts.
18. She needs to tell me something.
19. She needs me.
20. She doesn’t have anyone to sleep in her bed w…